Why should we choose Agsan Fertılızer ?



      The damages of chemical fertilizers are now known to everyone and steps are taken by the state and the nation to minimize these damages. Of course, our state will not be able to directly reduce or prohibit the use of chemical fertilizers. For this reason, it tries to bring to the forefront by supporting ORGANOMINERAL fertilizers, which are seen as an alternative to chemical fertilizers, which feed the soil instead of damaging the soil, and aims to gradually reduce the demand for chemical fertilizers.

      Agsan Anadolu Gübre Sanayi started its investment in 2013 in line with the same goal and started production at full capacity in 2014.

     Agsan fertilizer contains the rich organic material and humic-fulvic acid content coming from high quality leonardite, as well as the necessary minerals and trace elements in harmony. Therefore, it prevents the pollution of soil, underground and ecosystem caused by the use of chemical fertilizers. It contributes positively to both the national economy, nature and the productivity of our farmers.

      Agsan Anadolu Gübre Sanayi aims at the best quality in the raw materials it uses and prefers raw materials accordingly;

- The source of phosphorus that we use is NEVER phosphate rock, our water-soluble phosphorus ratio is 80% and above.

- The potassium source we use is NOT potassium chloride, it is sulphate sourced.

- The sulfur we use is NOT Elemental Sulfur, which acts late.

- The organic matter we use is NEVER from compost or animal waste. It is sourced from LEONARDITE, which is much better quality and natural.

            Now let's explain why we should prefer Agsan Organomineral Products item by item ;

-Due to the fact that the country's soils are very poor in organic matter and pH problem in the soil,

-Due to the use of high quality LEONARDIT as a filler,

-Because the content of potassium is sourced from sulfate, not chlorine,

-Because it is in granular form and easy to use,

-As it increases the resistance to lying down and resistance to diseases,

-Because it reduces the cost of the farmer by making all of the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur organic matter, humic-fulfic acid application to the soil in one use,

-Because it preserves the temper of the soil,

-Since the plant needs less water, thus saving irrigation water,

-As it improves the structure of sandy clay soils,

-As it enables the plant roots to develop better and reach deeper,

-Since it increases the seed germination rate, it provides the growth and strengthening of the fringe roots,

-By ensuring the water and air balance of the soil, it reduces water loss by evaporation from the soil,

-As it prevents soil loss by reducing wind and water erosion.