Agsan Super 6.16.6, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium found in base fertilizers in the market

and sulfur, as it contains organic matter and humic-fulvic acid.


- Thanks to the leonardite used as a filler, it provides controlled release, regulates the soil structure, balances the pH and increases the yield.

- Due to the fact that the potassium in its content is not from chlorine, but from sulfate,

- Due to the country's soils being very poor in organic matter and the pH problem in the soil,

-Because it is in granular form and easy to use,

-Because it reduces the cost of the farmer by applying nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur organic matter, humic-fulfic acid to the soil in one use, instead of applying them separately,

-Because the plant needs less water, thus saving irrigation water,

-Because it preserves the soil's temper,

-As it improves the structure of sandy clay soils,

-Because it prevents the formation of a cream layer, reduces hoeing, increases the aeration and drainage of the soil.

-Because it enables the plant roots to develop better and reach deeper,

-As it increases the seed germination rate, ensures the proliferation and strengthening of the hairy roots.