About Us



The Agsan Fertilizer brand started production R&D studies in a 1000 square meter closed 5000 square meter open area in 2016 with the motto of improving the country's agriculture, increasing the yield per square meter and increasing the welfare of the country's farmers. The trial productions realized in the first year were started to be used in pivot areas and the results were evaluated with high agricultural engineers and technical staff, and it was determined that the product provided a significant increase in efficiency in the places where it was used.


        As a result of these researches, the first investment was completed in 2017 and Agsan Gübre products were finally presented to the country's farmers. In order to keep up with the increasing orders since its establishment, capacity has been increased every year and more dealers and farmers have been reached.


       Currently, Agsan fertilizer industry products are sold in more than 150 dealers in Turkey and Cooperatives and associations in many regions.


      Exporting 25% of its sales to abroad, Agsan fertilizer's most intensive foreign market is Azerbaijan, Georgia and Lebanon. Our company, which started exporting in 2018, is working hard to add new ones to the existing export markets.